Hello, Taiwan!

We made it across the big blue ocean…and are now hanging out at our gate waiting until we can board our last flight to our final destination. We’ve got one hour down out of the 3-hour layover. Dan is being very studious and reading the GES handbooks I printed off. And I am tormenting him with the latest New Kids on the Block single. He is such a (pretend) hater, but we all know he’s singing along in his heart.

Photo on 5-24-13 at 6.25 AM #2

We thankfully got sleep once we boarded our 2am flight leaving SeaTac — definitely taking naps throughout the flight — and have been fairly awake & alert since 3am (Taiwan time). We are crossing our fingers that we can keep the energy going until it’s dark out enough to go to bed. Undoubtedly jet lag will wag its obnoxious finger at us, but if we can sync up sooner than later…well, the better!

We’ve near depleted our Goldfish crackers supply already and are game for having a legit meal. Maybe even showers. And, you know, not being in the same outfit any more. But we are still of good cheer! If things look low, I’ll make sure to play NKOTB one more time to make us bust out our choreographed dance moves.


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