Our New Nest

We are finally kind of, sort of, almost maybe settled into our new apartment here. Who are we kidding?!? One of us won’t rest until there are pictures on all the walls, rugs and bean bags on the floor and bins everywhere…I’ll let you guess which one that is. Anyway since all I do is talk these days I’m going to just put up the pictures now.

Thailand Apartment_0016Thailand Apartment_0005 Thailand Apartment_0004Thailand Apartment_0003 Thailand Apartment_0001 Thailand Apartment_0002

Thailand Apartment_0014 Thailand Apartment_0015Thailand Apartment_0006 Thailand Apartment_0007 Thailand Apartment_0008 Thailand Apartment_0009Thailand Apartment_0010 Thailand Apartment_0012 Thailand Apartment_0011

Yep, the bathroom. It’s the last thing because it’s fitting since most things wind up here at the end.



Surprise! (edition no.1)

For all the prepping and researching we did about our move, we knew there would be things that would be completely new and seem to be coming out of left field. And Thailand did not prove us wrong! Here is something we weren’t fully expecting:


Thailand Apartment_0013

Bidets for days! The sewage system over here can’t take very much toilet paper unless you want to revisit past visits, so bidets (or other water options) are in place to help clean things up before a square of un-quilted, non-goodness is used on your nether regions. The order of operation for using the bathroom is fairly simple: (1) grab the spray hose and bidet thyself (2) use a small amount of TP to dry off your under carriage and (3) toss that used TP into the trash.


First post from Nonthaburi

Finally, we are making a post on this blog from Thailand! So sorry for the delay. I know we have been here for a week already and haven’t yet reported on Bangkok. Don’t worry, we are alive and this crazy city is too.

First to explain our lack of communication. No Internet yet. We should be up and running on Tuesday, maybe Monday night your time. So how am I posting? “We” got an iPhone, and Dan got a primitive Nokia P.O.S. So, if you have iPhone too you can iMessage and FaceTime with us. Just send an email at first because we won’t be throwing our phone number on the Internet.

Ok, no more boring stuff. Our first nine days here have been great. The food was one of our most anticipated things to be excited about, and it has not disappointed. It’s everywhere, it’s exactly what you want it to be if you can just say what you want (otherwise it’s just what you got but still delicious) and it’s easier and harder on the digestion system than we thought it would be. Taxis and tuk-tuks are everywhere, and they can be just as exciting of a ride as you may have heard. Seat belts are advised if available.

We have been to BigC (Thai Walmart) half a dozen times getting household essentials, practiced our bartering at JJ market and the floating market. Leslie went to the beach at Hua Hin with Angi, Sabrena, Jenna, and Esther. We fed an elephant that just happened to be stomping through the city. We ate on top of the tallest building in Bangkok. Dan visited Kao San Road (a backpacker haven that I don’t wish to return to).

Our time has been busy playing tourists and settling into our new home. We are learning lots everyday. Language and culture lessons happen every time we venture out. Even greater lessons we learn each time are those of patience, humility, and grace. Life is hard in a foreign land, but we have been shown a tremendous amount of forgiveness and patience.

God is working overtime in our lives these days. We have been leaning on Him heavily to stand us up tall and we both know He is our only hope of any success in this chapter or the next.