Our New Nest

We are finally kind of, sort of, almost maybe settled into our new apartment here. Who are we kidding?!? One of us won’t rest until there are pictures on all the walls, rugs and bean bags on the floor and bins everywhere…I’ll let you guess which one that is. Anyway since all I do is talk these days I’m going to just put up the pictures now.

Thailand Apartment_0016Thailand Apartment_0005 Thailand Apartment_0004Thailand Apartment_0003 Thailand Apartment_0001 Thailand Apartment_0002

Thailand Apartment_0014 Thailand Apartment_0015Thailand Apartment_0006 Thailand Apartment_0007 Thailand Apartment_0008 Thailand Apartment_0009Thailand Apartment_0010 Thailand Apartment_0012 Thailand Apartment_0011

Yep, the bathroom. It’s the last thing because it’s fitting since most things wind up here at the end.



2 thoughts on “Our New Nest

  1. Good job making it look so homey, Les! And thanks for posting pictures, Dan. It’s nice to think of you guys in your space. And of course, I have questions and comments. 1) is that a couch? 2) is everything from Asian Ikea? Or something like that? 3) Why is your stove in its own room? 4) It’s nice you have a spare room for when you need a nursery πŸ˜‰ 5) I think a bidet would be nice…

    • 1) It’s the most uncomfortable couch ever. We just lay it flat.
      2) Yes.
      3) It gets so hot when we cook and I can’t handle the extra heat on top of the humidity…so we keep it away from the other appliances so that it isn’t a bad influence on the rest of them.
      4) Stop it.
      5) It is so nice! Especially when there are rumblings in the jungle, if you know what I mean

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