Surprise! (edition no.2)

This may not be a surprise to everyone…but, well, we just figured snakes lived in planes.

GES 2013-2014 First Week_0065

We were obviously wrong. And Thailand, yet again, cleared up that misconception. Snakes live in trees. Big, giant, fat, scary, up-to-no-good snakes live in trees. The really creepy ones live in trees on a school campus…like this one.

Someone just so happened to be looking up while walking alongside the soccer field and spotted this cold blooded beauty. And, naturally, he called all surrounding men in the vicinity to have a look as well. After they threw basketballs to knock it down — really, people? — somebody finally thought to call animal control to come take care of the situation.

And animal control arrived with the kind of equipment we have come to appreciate from this country: step ladder, one work glove and an empty rice bag. Where the snake was taken? We’ve no idea. But I do know that I am even more cautious when walking beneath low branches.



4 thoughts on “Surprise! (edition no.2)

  1. Um, no. I would never walk under a tree without looking up again. And Joel would just never walk under a tree ever. Are they poisonous? Cause that’s the real kicker for me. Otherwise, not so bad.

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