Fundraising Carnival

Recently GES held a fundraising carnival at the school to help get money to go towards building a playground for HelpLive kids. My student government kids ran a booth to “hit the can” and did a great job of getting participants over. Dan manned a ring toss game on his own and made fast friends with the 3rd grade and younger crowd. The carnival met its goal of 25,000 baht and then some, which was a celebratory success to many of the students and staff who put in A LOT of work to make things happen that day!

carnival beam

carnival mint and pang

carnival SGA

carnival jessie and panya

carnival balloon toss

carnival dan and brendan

carnival sack race

carnival pim, mafuang and pingan

carnival navy

carnival dada


2 thoughts on “Fundraising Carnival

  1. Love the pictures. I’ve been out of touch since the first of the month due to no internet service. . . . long, long story. So great to hear from you. Much love, Grandma

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