HS Girls Banquet

GES throws an annual girls banquet for G.10-G.12 students, and this year I was asked to be the guest speaker of sorts for the theme. It was surprising to me, but I guess the students asked the 2 female teachers in their chapel group if I could be there as well — it was quite the heartwarming honor to find that out later. Oh, those girls!

Since there aren’t school dances at GES — and I’m pretty sure no Thai prep school hosts one on school grounds since much of public gender interaction is a no-no especially for teenagers…and I’m pretty sure any setting that allows gyrating bodies of teen boys and girls would be nixed by parents immediately — the banquet is a chance for these girls to get all dolled up and get together for food, pictures, dancing and karaoke.

So I got to join Megan (English) and Laura (music) for the night in our casual supervision, which really consisted of talking with the girls as well as taking photo booth pictures, eating way too much and dancing to pop songs blasting from YouTube. Besides from getting to speak to these young ladies and share life stories, my highlight of the evening was when we (the teachers) quickly realized that though the girls appreciated the beautiful spread of home cooked meals that the other teachers had prepared…they had no idea how to assemble tacos or fajitas. So a tutorial took place — ha!

HS Girls Banquet Food4 HS Girls Banquet Food1 HS Girls Banquet Food2 HS Girls Banquet Food3 HS Girls Banquet_0024 HS Girls Banquet_0033


Overnight Camp with Teenagers

While Leslie was with the little kids, I was off for 2 nights and 3 days with a bunch of teenagers. So much angst! Just kidding, they’re great kids. I kept mostly with my home room class of 10th graders but pictures from other teachers are included here. We went to this dude ranch camp called the Fountain Tree Resort where we did team building exercises, night games and a scavenger hunt. There were also free time things to do like water games, ATVs and basketball.

It was a really good time of connecting with my students on a different level because things were more casual and they got to see me outside of the classroom. The resort camp was about a 3 hour bus ride away  towards Chiang Mai so it was also a nice change of scenery too.

ONC Upper_0113 ONC Upper_0108

DSC01446 DSC01483 DSC01487 ONC Upper_0163

ONC Upper_0007

ONC Upper_0078


ONC Upper_0156

ONC Upper_0175

Overnight Camp with the Little Kids

Every year GES hosts an overnight camp for grades 1-5 on campus…ON CAMPUS. So that means there are roughly 150+ kids running rampant at school and doing all sorts of crazy activities and games that they would otherwise be told “no” during the school day. You can imagine the excitement and hyper-in-your-diaper kind of energy that generates from that many tiny bodies being given near-complete free rein on familiar stomping grounds.

I mean…there are camp fires and roasted hot dogs and s’mores!

ONC Lower_0001

ONC Lower_0002

ONC Lower_0007

Thankfully for the teachers, it’s just two days and one night of slightly controlled chaos. I got off lucky and didn’t have to sleep on a classroom floor with a room full of students or trade out with the brave souls who did at 6am the following morning. I was in co-charge of decorations for the theme – God’s Kingdom – and taking on the 2 hours of supervision the following afternoon, which was spent eating gold fish crackers and coconut ice cream with kids while waiting for parents to pick them up. I totally won.

For the first day and second day, students were led through team-building activities (the grade levels got mixed up into groups) and discussion times between movies and chapel services. It was great getting to know more students and not have to be in complete “teacher mode” with them; I especially loved seeing how the 5th and 4th graders helped out the 1st graders in my group. Precious. Anyway, here are pictures!ONC Lower_0010 ONC Lower_0038 ONC Lower_0039 ONC Lower_0042 ONC Lower_0043 ONC Lower_0045 ONC Lower_0047 ONC Lower_0049 ONC Lower_0053 ONC Lower_0071

And at the close of day 2, we had a great big water fight on the soccer field. It was fantastic!

ONC Lower_0080 ONC Lower_0083 ONC Lower_0086

The Noble Water Buffalo

…or not so noble, if you ask Thai people. The term “kwai” is often used as an insult to others, insinuating that they are slow witted and plodding like, you know, a buffalo.

ai kwai

In September (holy crap, two months ago) I went on my first school field trip with Grades 8-12 to a Buffalo Village. All home room teachers went with their each class as everybody was led along by the Thai teachers for this cultural experience. It was fun, humorous and funny for these city kids to be with actual livestock.

all the grades

group huddle

dan and boys

dan getting the shot

ten's new friend