The Noble Water Buffalo

…or not so noble, if you ask Thai people. The term “kwai” is often used as an insult to others, insinuating that they are slow witted and plodding like, you know, a buffalo.

ai kwai

In September (holy crap, two months ago) I went on my first school field trip with Grades 8-12 to a Buffalo Village. All home room teachers went with their each class as everybody was led along by the Thai teachers for this cultural experience. It was fun, humorous and funny for these city kids to be with actual livestock.

all the grades

group huddle

dan and boys

dan getting the shot

ten's new friend


3 thoughts on “The Noble Water Buffalo

  1. Hi Dan and Leslie,

    So “Mr. Dan” learned something new about water buffalo. The kids in the picture appear to be looking intently and paying attention to what Dan is saying .By the way, Dan, is this field trip one of the ways you discovered to keep the attention of seniors in their last semester

    of school ? ? ?

    I’ve never seen a water buffalo. Are they friendly animals ? I’m not so sure about those long horns.

    Thanks so much for this posting. By the way, Leslie, have you done something interesting with kids that you could send pictures ?

    As I said before, I’m counting the days until Christmas when we will all be together ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

    Much love,


    • Hi Grandma- I was going over the rules so they had to at least pretend like they were listening! Water buffalos aren’t typically aggressive animals, well the domesticated ones we saw were pretty tame at least. Leslie does plenty of things with kids – she’s just the one taking pictures for the two of us or doing it for the school so she’s not often IN the pictures. Can’t wait to see you too! Love you, Danny

  2. Very Cool Fieldtrip!!! That’s A LOT of teenagers to take on a trip off the school grounds. 🙂 Memorable event, I sure!
    Love you,
    Aunt Debbie

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