Overnight Camp with Teenagers

While Leslie was with the little kids, I was off for 2 nights and 3 days with a bunch of teenagers. So much angst! Just kidding, they’re great kids. I kept mostly with my home room class of 10th graders but pictures from other teachers are included here. We went to this dude ranch camp called the Fountain Tree Resort where we did team building exercises, night games and a scavenger hunt. There were also free time things to do like water games, ATVs and basketball.

It was a really good time of connecting with my students on a different level because things were more casual and they got to see me outside of the classroom. The resort camp was about a 3 hour bus ride away Β towards Chiang Mai so it was also a nice change of scenery too.

ONC Upper_0113 ONC Upper_0108

DSC01446 DSC01483 DSC01487 ONC Upper_0163

ONC Upper_0007

ONC Upper_0078


ONC Upper_0156

ONC Upper_0175


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