HS Girls Banquet

GES throws an annual girls banquet for G.10-G.12 students, and this year I was asked to be the guest speaker of sorts for the theme. It was surprising to me, but I guess the students asked the 2 female teachers in their chapel group if I could be there as well — it was quite the heartwarming honor to find that out later. Oh, those girls!

Since there aren’t school dances at GES — and I’m pretty sure no Thai prep school hosts one on school grounds since much of public gender interaction is a no-no especially for teenagers…and I’m pretty sure any setting that allows gyrating bodies of teen boys and girls would be nixed by parents immediately — the banquet is a chance for these girls to get all dolled up and get together for food, pictures, dancing and karaoke.

So I got to join Megan (English) and Laura (music) for the night in our casual supervision, which really consisted of talking with the girls as well as taking photo booth pictures, eating way too much and dancing to pop songs blasting from YouTube. Besides from getting to speak to these young ladies and share life stories, my highlight of the evening was when we (the teachers) quickly realized that though the girls appreciated the beautiful spread of home cooked meals that the other teachers had prepared…they had no idea how to assemble tacos or fajitas. So a tutorial took place — ha!

HS Girls Banquet Food4 HS Girls Banquet Food1 HS Girls Banquet Food2 HS Girls Banquet Food3 HS Girls Banquet_0024 HS Girls Banquet_0033


2 thoughts on “HS Girls Banquet

  1. I love picturing you guys doing a tutorial on how to make fajitas.What did they think of the finished product: mind-blowing delicious or foreign and weird? I hope the first one!

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