Dinner with the Gurnetts

The school year here runs in semesters so we had a mid-year break for two weeks back in October. The first week was spent simply being homebodies and letting the first stages of nesting set in for us — we finally got the storage units we kept talking about, bought plates and dishes and cups for more than just the 2 of us and rearranging things in our apartment to make things feel more cozy. Also, sleeping and lazy lounging was rampant during this time. After a whirlwind first semester of adjusting and learning and stretching and changes and craziness…we were totally ready to just be lazy for those first few days.

So after sweeping and mopping, we invited friends over for dinner. (Isn’t it amazing how having guests is the best motivator to clean?) The Gurnetts are a lovely family of 5, though at that time the fifth was still living the womb life, that we adore and enjoy spending time with. Sarah and I are in the same small group, and Dan and Nate have their own small group they are a part of. And the girls are just precious and call me Auntie so they can give me sticky pebbles as gifts and sloppy, snotty kisses as much as they want.

We were craving something fresh and filling so we naturally went with DIY spring rolls! It was a hit with the adults and the girls played with the noodles while they ate the chicken slices πŸ™‚

Gurnetts_0004 Gurnetts_0003 Gurnetts_0005


One thought on “Dinner with the Gurnetts

  1. Dear Dan and Leslie,

    Actually your apartment appears quite spacious unless your photography makes it look so grand. I’m sure your guests totally enjoyed themselves in your warm, friendly, surroundings. You two would make anyone feel comfortable. . . and of course the spring rolls would add to the fun. I’m curious what other of your special, yummy dishes you served – hopefully no half developed baby chicks ! ! !

    Love you both and counting the days until Christmas.


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