Hua Hin | Monkey Island

“Remember when we went to Monkey Island?” has been a repeated question by a talkative 3 year old that we often see around campus (her dad is a teacher at the same school we work at) in the last few days…and because of her every-time-we-run-into-her questioning, this blog has consequently been updated to reflect what we did months ago. And one of the finale day trips we took during October Break was, you guessed it, to visit Monkey Island.

Hua Hin Oct Break_0077

She has the memory and insistence of a…high energy three year old 🙂

Hua Hin Oct Break_0080


Hua Hin Oct Break_0081


Hua Hin Oct Break_0084


Hua Hin Oct Break_0090

Hua Hin Oct Break_0093

Hua Hin Oct Break_0094


Hua Hin Oct Break_0098

Hua Hin Oct Break_0105

Hua Hin Oct Break_0108

Hua Hin Oct Break_0107

Hua Hin Oct Break_0096





3 thoughts on “Hua Hin | Monkey Island

  1. Thank you so much for all the terrific pictures. From my perspective it is sometimes hard to imagine such beautiful beaches and vacation spots in other countries, so the pics were great to let us see just what a wonderful place Thailand truly is – especially away from the hub bub of the city. I’m not surprised Dan didn’t want to fork over for a taxi ride, but then you would have missed the adventure of riding on the train, or bus, or however else you got to your destination.

    I do appreciate your postings especially when you send pictures. My love to both of you, Grandma

    P.S. Everything here in Washington is all about the Seahawks today. If you have any way of seeing the Super Bowl or hearing about it, you already know the outcome of the game. I stopped by the grocery store on my way home from church and it was buzzing with people buying food and snacks for during the game. Here at Brittany Park we are being served hot dogs and beer before the game which starts at 3:30 our time. Let’s hope the Seahawks come through — also the “12th man” is a big deal and given a lot of publicity and hype around the area.

  2. DUH ! ! ! I was just down in the dining room for our Seahawk hot dog and beer lunch and mentioned that you might already know the outcome of the Super Bowl. One lady pointed out to me that even though you are fourteen hours ahead of us — THE GAME HASN’T BEEN PLAYED YET ! Again I say ‘DUH’ Grandma isn’t thinking straight.

    Love from Me.

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