Chicken Dissection Lab

As a warm up for the BIG lab of frog dissection, I set up a lab for the 10th graders to dissect chicken wings as a way to review the skin, muscle and bone unit we had just wrapped up. Good thing the local grocery store just sells packs of the wings so I didn’t have to go hunting around the open air food market down the road.

None of these kids have handled raw chicken before. Crazy! And the boys were more skittish than the girls were about handling the wings and blades. What a bunch of sissies…here are pictures that I got Leslie to come up to my room to take. It was a successful lab day for sure

G10 Biology lab_0002 G10 Biology lab_0005 G10 Biology lab_0009 G10 Biology lab_0012 G10 Biology lab_0026 G10 Biology lab_0027 G10 Biology lab_0045


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