Harris’ Go Home | Pregnant in the Air

Just in case we got stopped at the gates…I had to get a medical form saying I was “fit to fly” since I was going to be traveling overseas from week 24-26. I had already started showing quite a bit so we figured, if anything, we would milk the pregnancy to get perks 🙂

flying pregnant_0009

The flight back to Seattle proved to be pretty easy going with checking our bags, making a smooth plane change in Taiwan, a whole row to just the two of us, not a bit of motion sickness and no swelling of the feet. Success! Plus we were so pumped to see family and friends that I think we were wearing rose colored glasses the entire time…or, maybe, we are growing up and getting more patient with the years. Mayhaps.

flying pregnant_0001


flying pregnant_0002


flying pregnant_0003

Surprisingly, Dan did not sleep well on the plane — this is surprising only because this is also the same man who can say “Goodnight” and be lightly snoring within a minute. Fortunately for me, I passed out on the seats and am short enough to comfortably stretch across all three seats, using Dan’s lap as a pillow. Getting to put my feet up probably helped with the non-swelling a good deal. And as I mouth breathed my way across the Pacific, Dan got to watch movies to his heart’s content without my constant talking 🙂

By the time we landed and felt the cool Seattle air through the plane…we were both ready to be OFF THE PLANE and get to stretch our limbs without fear of accidentally hitting somebody on the head or tripping over feet in the aisles. And wouldn’t you know it? Our welcome party included two very excited, anxious and adorable-to-us kiddos!

flying pregnant_0004


flying pregnant_0005


flying pregnant_0007


flying pregnant_0008



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