Three Days of Christmas

December was a blur of national holidays and days off leading up to three days of Christmas programs before we had our December/January break. At GES, Christmas is a rather big production of student performances (both indoor and outdoor), teacher performances and decorations galore. It’s slightly controlled chaos on a campus-wide level — like, all hands on deck but we are still taking on water but we’re somehow staying afloat but we are gonna make it!

christmas extravaganza_0001

Lovely teachers manning the ticket table.

christmas extravaganza_0002

Middle school band warming up to play as the dinner entertainment.

christmas extravaganza_0004

K3 dancing their hearts out during their Thai performance on the outdoor stage on the first night.

christmas extravaganza_0003

“What Does the Rudolph Say?” by some of the teachers. Can you spot Dan as an elf to the far left?

christmas extravaganza_0007

Night 2 had students from Grade 1-5 performing a musical during their indoor performance.

christmas extravaganza_0008

Sassy & hilarious G.6 Proud gave a gift to Little Mister Harris! She’s just like a sour patch kid…

christmas extravaganza_0005

Teachers performing a modernized Thai dance on the big stage!

christmas extravaganza_0006

Rooney discovered the scruffiness of Uncle Dan’s beard on night three.

christmas extravaganza_0012

Photo opp with Angi before I took to the judge’s table for the G7-G12 performances

christmas extravaganza_0013

Dan’s G.10 homeroom kids dancing & lip synching to “Jingle Bell Rock”


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