Happy Valentines Day, Indeed

For Valentines Day this year, we broke tradition of homemade cards and corn dogs. Instead, we took our dear friend Poy to a local orphanage we have visited before to love on the kids there. It is safe to say that all our love tanks were wonderfully filled that morning (and then our bellies were filled after a delicious lunch at BBQ Plaza before we headed out for another one of our BKK staycation adventures).

Look at her sweet precious face! She was about 9 months old and had the most tender of personalities…and, yes, we were feeding her chocolate cake. Don’t judge!

valentines day_0001 valentines day_0002 valentines day_0003 valentines day_0004 valentines day_0005 valentines day_0006 valentines day_0007 valentines day_0008 valentines day_0009 valentines day_0010 valentines day_0011


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentines Day, Indeed

  1. Many thanks for all these postings and the previous ones, too. Sounds like those baby hormones are really kicking in with the trip to the orphanage and loving the precious little ones there. Only days now until you will be holding and loving your own dear baby boy.

    As far as I know, all is well here. Those of us who are available will be gathering at Jeff’s house on the 19th for Easter dinner. Debbie is coming over with her school steel drum band which will be playing a “gig” at Snoqualmie Falls that day. Instead of returning home with them, Mark will pick her up and bring her down to Jeff’s. She will spend the night and fly home on Sunday.

    Mark, Jeff, Haley and I attended Melissa and Randey’s wedding on Tuesday at Denny Park in Juanita. It was a nice day with the sun just setting over Lake Washington during the brief ceremony, performed by one of Randey’s brothers. Randey is from a family of nine children so he had a lot of family present. Melissa looked very nice in a short white dress and leggings. I hope they will send pictures. After the ceremony they served cupcakes and sparkling cider. As it was starting to get dark we didn’t stay too long.

    At some later time, if you want to hear my thoughts, I will be happy to share with you. I have no idea how you responded to these new events in Melissa’s life.

    Thanks again for your blogs and all the wonderful pictures. I’ll be anxiously awaiting the news of baby Harris’ arrival and a picture of him with the two of you.

    Much love,


    • It’s great hearing from you, Grandma! Danny says he’ll be sending you an email within the week 🙂 We have had a great “summer vacation” here so far and are definitely waiting for those baby hormones to kick in full gear so we can welcome our son sooner than later. Love you!

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