Last Month of First Year

March was a whirlwind of work responsibilities. The end of the school year saw Dan giving finals, putting together report cards, planning class parties, writing student case files and compiling grade level/curriculum binders for the Ministry of Education. Since I will be transitioning into a part time position next school year, my days were taken up with organizing and writing materials for programs I had headed up this past year so that folks who would be absorbing those duties would know what to do!

last month1

Pictures from the year with SGA kids from various school events

last month3

Dan hosted a game night with his homeroom class

last month2

We made mac & cheese, chicken wings & cookies for them AND they ordered food from BBQ Plaza in addition. Hungry teens!

last month4

I had a end-of-year Reading Club party and this little miss wanted to leave this sweet note πŸ™‚

last month5

Due to pregnancy aches & pains, I had to start working from home mid-month…BUT these 8th graders went into cahoots with one of our administrators and came up to my apartment for a surprise visit that made my day!

last month6

Taking a class pictures of his first homeroom class on their last day of school together.


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