Somebody Turned 31…

March was Dan’s birthday month and it was a fun one to navigate here. Gracious as ever, he didn’t expect anything to really happen in the midst of end of school year busyness or month 9 of pregnancy. What a silly goose. Of course he was going to be celebrated and loved on as much as possible!

bday month1

Birthday dinner right along Chao Praya

We went out to eat at The River Treehouse and got quite the spread of food to nibble on while live music was played. It was such a nice outing after a week of work for him. He got to eat and drink his fill for sure!

bday month2

Further adventures in homemade food for the mister

Because I started working from home in March, that meant I had more at-home time to try out more recipes for this and that. Dan definitely has a sweet tooth but is also a fan of anything homemade. As he likes to say, “The sweat and resentment makes it taste better.” Haha. During this time, he would come home for lunch and one of our meals was tortillas from scratch, cheesy beef filling and a tart cabbage slaw. We’re going to be making our own tortillas for sure now.

bday month3

Another BKK staycation for the books

He also got whisked away to Bangkok — hey, traveling is hard in the third trimester — for a weekend getaway at a swanky hotel where room service was definitely used and we lounged in a comfortable king sized bed while watching (laughing at) Thai soap operas!

bday month4

That’s definitely a gorilla. And maybe a witch doctor poacher? We’re not entirely sure of the series plot…but we do know the storyline involves battling flying wizards, hordes of jungle zombies, an indestructible robot vampire and hypnotized chicks being saved by a wannabe Indiana Jones. ‘Twas the life.


One thought on “Somebody Turned 31…

  1. Sure have been enjoying your recent postings and being brought into your experiences and celebrations.

    I hope my snail mail birthday card got there in time. I send you lots of love and hugs.


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