Louis Taawanh Harris

This post is coming out on Louis’ one week birthday.  Last Friday, April 18, Louis was born.  Leslie checked into the hospital at about 1:30am.  Our friend, Panya, drove Leslie, her mom and sister, and me to the hospital.  Things progressed pretty quickly from there.  We were admitted, rushed up to the Labor and Delivery room, met with our doctor, and started pushing.  Leslie labored very hard, but Louis was not going to come out that easy.  His large head and neck were wrapped in the umbilical cord.  At around 5:30am, we had to change plans and move to the OR for an emergency C-section.  Louis’ heart-rate kept dropping too low and our greatest concern was to deliver him as safely as possible.  So the doctors took Leslie off to prep for surgery and I got changed into scrubs.  We all reconvened in a few minutes in the OR and at 6:09am we heard his voice for the first time as he cried nice and loud for us all to hear.  Like I said before, Louis (Lew-wis) is fine, Leslie is fine, and we couldn’t be happier.

Official stats:  3.468 kg / 7 lb 10 oz     51cm / 20 inches

And of course what you have all been waiting for:

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImage_DSC2952 _DSC2959 _DSC2977 _DSC2984 _DSC3019 _DSC3033 photo 1

Stay tuned for many more to come!


4 thoughts on “Louis Taawanh Harris

  1. Thank you so much for the posting. Louis is beautiful, or should I say handsome. I didn’t know Leslie had to do the C-section. So glad both mother and son are doing well. How could they do anything else with Dad, Grandma and Aunt there to help. Love to all of you.

    Grandma Miller

  2. What an AMAZING gift from God! A true miracle…
    I love all the photos…Louis is SO CUTE!
    Love You Three 🙂 Aunt Debbie

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