Letter to Louis | One Month

Sweet Louis!

You are one month plus two days old now and currently passed out after guzzling your 2nd breakfast for the day. (It’s 10am as I type this, by the way, my brave strong boy.) You are a hobbit in the making with that kind of appetite, and we couldn’t be more thrilled or proud…just make sure you’re not the hiding, harumphing kind of hobbit.

Happy One Month_0005 Happy One Month_0001 Happy One Month_0009 Happy One Month_0010 Happy One Month_0012 Happy One Month_0011

You had your check up on Sunday and the nurse taking your vitals was quite impressed by your weight gain of nearly 3 lbs since birth and thought your little boop of a nose — that’s the best way to describe it — was pretty darn cute. We agree. You got your 2nd Hepatitis B shot on your thigh by Dr. K.Krit and that was rather hard to witness. (Why do you hold your breath when you cry??? It’s much too dangerous for my heart to watch.) Your dad rubbed my back while I rubbed your belly. It was a close call but only your tears were shed in that moment.

And that’s a good picture of how things have been this first month as a family. Your dad is ever watching and caring for the two of us, and I frankly have no idea how he’s not crumbling under it all. (Well, I do know — Abba is so very kind and fueling us every day with His love and peace and grace.) And me? I’m learning all the more how to deal with having my very heart wiggling/walking around outside of my body. When it’s just you in the world, you can stash your heart away, if you like, and keep it all safely tucked away. But to know love, and to know love like this…good lawdy lawd, you have to put it all out there! And then everything you hold dear on this earth is running around in one man and squirming about in one very little boy. Who eat too much food and too fast (don’t drown, you drunken sailor!) and get sad, and can make the most face palm inducing decisions!

Oh, it’s a wonder my dear sweet Louis. A beautiful, baffling and blessed wonder.




2 thoughts on “Letter to Louis | One Month

  1. Thanks for new pictures and seeing his growth, wow. I haven’t seen him in a week and I’m blown away by his changes. Wish I was there.

  2. Oh, I’m so glad I opened the ugly monster picture first and now get to gaze with wonder on your darling, sweet, and very cute Louis. Thank you so much for these pictures. As I read your message my heart grew with many fond memories and emotion thinking about my own four wonderful children – each one so different, yet each one so extremely precious. I’m thrilled to hear how the two of you are responding to this wonderful bundle of joy God has brought you. Each day is new and exciting. You have truly been blessed with this handsome baby boy. Enjoy every minute with him !

    Lots of love from great-grandma.

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