Surprise! (edition no.3)

The Asian water monitor. Varanus salvator. Tua hia. Tua ngoen-tua tong. The stuff of nightmares.


No thank you.

(Image via this Bangkok Post article)

Whatever you choose to call it, the school grounds aka our apartment complex was briefly home to one of these creatures. Unfortunately — or is it fortunately — neither Dan nor I have an eye witness account to report of this visit. (Thanks to being in a sleep deprived daze of new parenthood.) The story goes that one of the school workers was cleaning around the bridge we have and left something open that allowed the water monitor to creep out of the khlong and onto our campus. It was subsequently spotted and an APB was put out to teachers and staff since summer school was in session.

Chalk this up to another thing I wouldn’t have imagined existed in the ‘burbs of Bangkok. And, really, that picture is terrifying. Doesn’t it look anthropomorphic with its head raised aloft over its kill? Again, no thank you.




One thought on “Surprise! (edition no.3)

  1. Soooooooooooooo Very Glad you did not meet this creature face to face. What a scary monster. You indicated that it is safely back where it belongs.

    Next posting please send more precious pictures of Louis – much more pleasant to look at and exciting to see how great-grandson #2 is growing.

    We are all missing the opportunity to watch his development but will be thrilled when you come home again.

    Much love to all,


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