International Love | Grandpa John

Shortly after Ba Olay and Tao flew back to Seattle, we were lucky to have another family visitor from home to love on our little mister and to go exploring around Bangkok. Louis was one week old at the time and ready to meet his Grandpa John!


The two took to each other immediately and there was a whole lot of holding, cuddling and rocking over the next 10 days. Grandpa even played the babysitter so that Dan could take me out of the house and on a date. (I put on mascara and felt like a new woman…it had been a while since I “got ready!”) He was paid in baby coos and burps. Obviously a fair trade.


We took him out to our favorite local riverside restaurants, introduced him to the wonders of meat on a stick and played the “point to order” game at Nittaya Kai Yang (Dan is a pro at this method). We even took Louis out to his first official adventure to The Jim Thompson House, where he wooed the ladies with his bed head hair and endeared himself further to his parents with his sleepy, sweaty face.

DSC03212 DSC03223 DSC03217

Dan and his dad also got to clock in some quality time together: checking out the Chatuchak Weekend Market, touring the Grand Palace and seeing Wat Phra Kaew, trying to see Wat Pho but instead getting bamboozled by a tuk tuk driver into a going to a circuit of stores, riding the water taxi down to Yaowarat to find street food in Chinatown, taking the BTS back to Nonthaburi and spending a lazy day puttering around Ko Kret.

grand palace2

grand palace3 grand palace1

DSC03234 DSC03237 DSC03245

It was a wonderful visit with Grandpa John!

_DSC3169 _DSC3356


2 thoughts on “International Love | Grandpa John

  1. Hello! I found you on Cornish Kylies page. My husband, toddler daughter, and I live in Phuket (though we are on holiday right now). I am always happy to find other expats in Thailand blogging about their experiences. Your son is adorable! I look forward to reading your posts. 🙂

    • Hello! Oh it’s nice to meet fellow expats outside of our little community we’ve got at the school, too 🙂 I will have to settle down with a cup of coffee and read a few of your posts as well. Hope you’re enjoying your holiday in the States!

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