First Day of My 2nd Year of School

The first day of school was good. It was much more fun than it was last year because I had half an idea of what I was doing this time around. It didn’t hurt that my first class is biology and I only had 6 students in it; they’re also going to be my homeroom. I told them that since I had half as many students than I did last year, I could Β make it twice as hard for them.

First Day Second Year_0002

Second class of the day is environmental science with Grade 12 — these are students I didn’t have before, so it was nice to see a new set of faces in my room. So far they seem like a good bunch. They’re surprisingly quiet for high school seniors.

First Day Second Year_0003

Third class of the day is chemistry. This is my homeroom class from last year, so I already know I don’t like them. Just kidding. I had them scheduled for four hours for the first two days of the school year so I knew I had to do something fun to keep their attention. First lab of the year was the chemistry of cookies. I don’t know if they learned anything. But we ate delicious cookies.

First Day Second Year_0005


2 thoughts on “First Day of My 2nd Year of School

  1. Love your kids’ photos!!! Welcome back to year 2 teaching!!!
    It will have a new set of challenges for you πŸ™‚

    Love you Three!
    Aunt Debbie

  2. As you said, Dan, it’s much easier the second time around. I know these kids will love you as much as your students did last year. Perhaps having some of the same kids will present new challenges but I’m sure you are up to whatever they dish out. I wish you much success each day and for the year. . . . . Love the pictures.



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