Letter to Louis | Two Months

Lumberjack Lou, you are my favorite little human.

Happy 2 Months_0002

You are two months plus four days old. We took you to a new pediatrician at a closer hospital for a general check up and vaccinations the other day. Guess what? You are rocking out to life these days at 14 lbs and 24 inches long. Ha 🙂 In the Harris home, we have low centers of gravity and you are fitting right in. But really, Louis, quit growing so much and so fast. Slow down.

I love having you as my baby boy, but can’t ignore that your body is already stretching out a bit more each day. Your toes dangle off my lap when we sit in the rocking chair. And when I lean you up against my raised knees into a V-shape, your feet drum against my chest when I sing songs and tickle your belly. With every ounce of weight you gain, you are also learning how to express yourself in new ways — sweet coos, deep grunts, indignant yells, sleepy smiles, aww-inducing pouts, expectantly raised brows.

Happy 2 Months_0012 Happy 2 Months_0013 Happy 2 Months_0018 Happy 2 Months_0020

The way you kick your feet and pump your arms around has your dad dreaming of days when you two will be running around playing sports together. He has high hopes of baby proofing things when you’re 6 months old. I have high hopes that you will be happy to just sit and quietly play; I’m not sure if I’ll be wanting to chase after an early walker. This phase of your growing up is fun. You are still small (relative word) enough to plop down on the bed or couch with no concern that you’ll take a tumble, but you are also big enough to go on walks around the neighborhood with little worry about your neck flopping about.

Each day your body grows stronger, and although you can’t even roll over yet, you sure do know how to hold your head up long enough to make your opinion known with a quick yap of a cry. Your eyes track and linger on the pictures we have on the walls. You turn your head when you hear one of our voices calling out to you. At times I’ll look at you and can see past your smooshy cheeks and toothless smile and instead see a little boy. A little boy with a sly grin who will probably be getting into all sorts of mischief and trying to charm or negotiate his way out of lectures. A boy who will also quietly and contentedly sit beside his father just observing the sights and sounds around them while solving crossword puzzles together. A person with feelings and preferences and unique abilities ready to experience the wonder of every day.

Happy 2 Months_0027 Happy 2 Months_0026 Happy 2 Months_0025 Happy 2 Months_0024
One of my favorite things to do with you, my favorite little human, happens in the early morning. I’ll hear your first stirrings of the day, walk into your room, be greeted by your cute face giving me a cute smile and then scoop you up to have your sleep-warmed face all snuggled up into my neck. Then the best thing comes next: we will find your dad in the kitchen getting breakfast ready for us and he’ll scoop the two of us into a bear hug with my head nuzzled under his chin. It’s a great way to start the day, Louis — a special moment of us just being before the busyness starts.
Happy 2 Months_0008
I love how you have made us into a family of three. I love how you are making me into a better wife and your dad into a better husband. You are a reminder to us of how amazing grace is and how precious second chances are. God is good, Lou. I can’t wait to share with you the experiences of our family that point to the beauty of Abba in our lives. I love you, my sweet and strong and silly boy.



3 thoughts on “Letter to Louis | Two Months

  1. How very special are your thoughts. I hope you are keeping all of these in a scrapbook for posterity – and for Louis.

    Love to all,


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