Harris Family Adventures | Porcupine Cafe

So we’ve decided to carve out a family outing at least twice a month to do the kind of eating and exploring we wanted to last year but maybe couldn’t because one of us was all tired and sick and pregnant. Excuses! Anyway, baby boy is out and now must endure being Baby Bjourn-ed around the streets of Bangkok and plopped onto any bench seating available. He loves it.

Exploring Aree - Porcupine Cafe_0004

The first targeted neighborhood on our food tour is Ari. It’s a wonderful little area that reminds us so much of Seattle in its decor and vibe that it feels like just a bit at home, which makes these expats happy when a case of the “I miss…” strikes. We had gone to Soi 4 before to eat at Salt, try out Fat Bird and have a few drinks at Aree (all places that will be visited again but with camera in hand) and kept seeing other places tucked away that screamed TRY ME! as we walked or drove by. The obvious first stop was next to Salt and had the most inviting storefront. Plus, the name! Porcupine Cafe.

Exploring Aree - Porcupine Cafe_0011 Exploring Aree - Porcupine Cafe_0010

We herald from the Pacific Northwest so anything woodsy and green gets an automatic thumbs up from us. Heck, our wedding decor was all about wood rounds, succulents, twigs and burlap with splashes of color — so you know that we would feel at ease in a place that had mismatched chairs and exposed stone surfaces with rustic charm.

Exploring Aree - Porcupine Cafe_0003 Exploring Aree - Porcupine Cafe_0008 Exploring Aree - Porcupine Cafe_0006 Exploring Aree - Porcupine Cafe_0005 Exploring Aree - Porcupine Cafe_0009

They had a straight forward menu of typical cafe beverages — americano, latte, cappuccino, mocha and so forth — with fresh fruit smoothies and sweet pastries. I think they plan on adding savory dishes? Since we had gone during brunch time, we just ordered caffeinated brews and enjoyed the ambience while trying to keep an almost 3-month old calm in a chill environment. The drinks were strong and not too sweet (just how we like ’em) and I loved the detail of the yarn pom tree at our table.

Exploring Aree - Porcupine Cafe_0007

I’m going to make a few for our home. Too clever, too cute.



3 thoughts on “Harris Family Adventures | Porcupine Cafe

  1. Your blogs are always so fun and interesting and the pictures are super. If we must watch Louis grow by long distance, your pics are at least giving us a glimpse into his development. You both seem to be loving parenting and nurturing that darling baby boy.

    Love from grandma Miller

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