Harris Family Adventures | Basilico Pizzeria

After sipping on drinks at the Porcupine Cafe, we were definitely peckish and ready to eat. So off we went! We walked down the street in search of a restaurant to try out. It was hot, so we didn’t walk very far. Is that a pretty lame reason for choosing Basilico Pizzeria for lunch? Yes, it is. But it was hot. And any place with a bathroom and AC or a fan would’ve met our criterion for a “good eats” place at that point. (Really, it was hot. And humid.)

Exploring Aree - Basilico Italian_0003 Exploring Aree - Basilico Italian_0004 Exploring Aree - Basilico Italian_0005

Since we got there closer to 2pm things were quiet at the restaurant, which would typically make us a bit more on edge because that means more of the waitstaff attention would be turned on us. (Relevant aside: customer service is a big deal in Thailand, especially in the food industry. Upon being seated by the host or hostess, a waiter or waitress will immediately hand you a menu and just stand there…ready to take your order…whenever you’re ready…just standing there…waiting. It can be awkward or overwhelming, sometimes both.) But the crew there had obviously had their fair share of farangs come in, so they gave us a comfy amount of space and time to get things settled with Louis before coming to take our order.

Thumbs up, Basilico, thumbs up.

Exploring Aree - Basilico Italian_0008 Exploring Aree - Basilico Italian_0001

Apparently the obvious — and internet recommended — choice would have been to order pizza. We did not do so because (1) we did not research the place ahead of time and (2) we had cold pizza waiting at home in our fridge.We went the typical route with a bread basket and caprese salad. Oh mozzarella…you can never go wrong with mozzarella.

Exploring Aree - Basilico Italian_0002 Exploring Aree - Basilico Italian_0006

And then ordered fish for our entrees. I got the lemon sole, and Dan went for the sea bass; each dish had a tasty sauce but also an odd looking green side. Not so aesthetically or taste bud pleasing. Our meals were okay, not the most delicious Italian food, but satisfying enough. It was a neat find in our wanderings, but we weren’t very impressed. Next time (if there is one) we go, we will heed the call of the internet and try a pizza instead.





2 thoughts on “Harris Family Adventures | Basilico Pizzeria

  1. You seem to be having such fun with your exploring various places and restaurants. How does one know until you try it?

    I am so grateful for all the pictures you send. Thank you so much.

    We have been having temperatures in the high 80’s but nothing compared to what you are experiencing. How do you even manage to go out?

    Guess it just goes with the territory over there so it is go have some fun or stay cooped up all day.

    This morning (Wednesday) I went back to the surgeon who replaced my hip — to complain about the fact I hurt worse now than before the surgery. He is thinking the pain may be generating from my back (lower spine), sciatic nerve, or possibly a suture anchor that came loose and is stuck in soft tissue. After X-rays of hip and spine he determined the anchor has not moved but my spine is definitely curved. He is sending me for a M R I of the tissue of the spine and other pictures (which, not being a medical person I don’t understand).

    Heading for my chair in front of the fan. I love you. Grandma

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