Why Teenagers Make Me Happy (Reason #251)

This weekend, I read one of the funniest things in my time managing our school’s Facebook page. I literally laughed out loud.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.49.28 AM

“please let me know before my mom gets mad at me…” I love it! And his mom. She knows what’s up, and I appreciate that she’s involved with his studies. For some odd reason, it’s the norm for parents of our middle and high school students to be hands off and rather absentee in their schooling. So reading this post was refreshing. And hilarious. It was a fun late night share to the administrators and this student’s science teacher, who also got a good laugh.

Peach is a new student this year, and I have seen this student around campus but have yet to interact to him. I very much look forward to crossing paths with him this week for the sole intent of making fun of him about this. Muahahaha


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