Harris Family Adventures | Panary Cafe Dutch Baby Pancake

One of our favorite random finds on Ari Soi 4 is Panary Cafe Dutch Baby Pancake. The ambience was very relaxed and the decor quirkily fun.

Panary Cafe_0010Panary Cafe_0007Panary Cafe_0009  Panary Cafe_0008
And the food was delicious. Baked in a cast iron pan to achieve a crispy edge with a high rise, and then the middle is piled with tasty toppings. Not wanting to be complete gluttons (in public, that is) we stuck with just ordering one savory and one sweet to split with our respective caffeinated beverages of choice. It’s still hard to pinpoint the appropriate words to describe this dish to somebody who has never known the pleasure of a Dutch baby pancake. Leslie, too, was once on that sad sad side but is now on the brighter, more glorious side of knowing. But we’ll give it a try.

Panary Cafe_0004
The pancake portion is sweet and fluffy and egg-y. It’s just…you’ve got to try it. And the toppings! Oh, the toppings. We ordered the Salmon & Cream Cheese pancake: nice sized slab of smoked salmon, a rocket salad tossed with balsamic vinegar and an incredible ball of wasabi-infused cream cheese. People! The cream cheese gives the dish that special kick, making it just yum, so do not neglect the crucial step of slathering that cream cheese all over everything. Everything. And then licking the knife.

Panary Cafe_0002
After cleaning our palettes with our latte and americano, we delved our way through the Custard Cream & Berry Sauce pancake. The custard was light and smooth with a nice scent of vanilla. (Yes, we smell our food.) And the batch of homemade berry sauce was decadently sweet — if it were a bit more on the tart side, we think there would be more balance in the dish. But what do we know? We shoveled that dish into our mouths quicker than Louis could make a little baby cry.

Panary Cafe_0003
As silly farangs in a city that has a lot of unspoken rules and procedures, we really appreciated the simple & straight forward sign that told us to make our order at the front and find our own seat. Thank you, Panary Cafe! The wait staff was very friendly, helpful and accommodating – they gave us space and helped arrange out table when the little fellow was getting a bit antsy. Plus, they were young dudes and acted all sorts of cute when trying to play with Louis.

Panary Cafe_0006 Panary Cafe_0005  Panary Cafe_0001
This is definitely a restaurant we will revisit, especially when we are in a mood for a “back home” kind of brunch. Looking forward to ordering more off the menu and bringing friends to sample the Dutch babies!



One thought on “Harris Family Adventures | Panary Cafe Dutch Baby Pancake

  1. Thank you so much for all your wonderful blogs, including this one. I do appreciate hearing from you and particularly enjoy the pictures that accompany your adventures. You seem to be making the very most of your time in Thailand. What wonderful stories to tell and pictures to fill scrapbooks for yourselves and for Louis as he grows up.

    I had birthday dinner (Haley’s 23rd) with Jeff and her last night. We went to a great Thai restaurant here in Woodinville. They said it is one of their favorites and must be because the owner recognized them. So, you see, you are in the land itself and we are enjoying what we call Thai food here in America.

    Many thanks again for sharing your fun and daring adventures. The family is getting more excited to see you as October draws near.

    Lots of love and hugs,


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