Letter to Louis | Four Months

Louis, my boy, your dad and I are somehow even more smitten with you than when we first met you. We are pretty sure that one of the reasons for this is that you have discovered the power of a smile.
Lou at 4 months_0002 Lou at 4 months_0003
You are 4 months and 2 weeks plus 1 day. You are also 16.9 lbs and 25 inches (at least you were at your baby well appointment) of  fun, on-the-go cuddly sweetness. You are an active tank of barely contained energy and curiosity.
Lou at 4 months_0005
In this last month you have learned that you don’t have to just longingly stare at a toy anymore. Nope, you can reach out and hold onto that object of your desire with your powerful baby grip. You’ve also learned that a well timed grin can get one of us (or any one of your many adoring fans around here) to bring said object to you. You little trickster.
Lou at 4 months_0008
I love that twinkle in your eye when you smile as if you understand what’s going on in a conversation. I also love how you scrunch your nose up for an all out smile that’s just waiting for a laugh to burst through. (You’ve giggled for your dad during bath time, but we haven’t heard a rumbling guffaw come out of your belly yet.) Another smile I love is the tender one you give to either me or your dad when you look at us.
Lou at 4 months_0012 Lou at 4 months_0011 Lou at 4 months_0017
You delight in us, and we delight in you. And in this small span of time in life, we all get to share many special moments of knowing and being with one another. I would want to pause life to linger here awhile, but I also am looking forward to what’s to come for our family.

I love you.



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