Letter to Louis | Five Months

Hey there Lou-Boy!

You are 5 months and 12 days; you are dominating at 18.3 lbs and 27 inches long. This has been THE month of growth for you: if you are not rolling around to get to your toys then you are trying your hardest to crawl but your little T-rex arms are no match to your dominant leg strength and what happens next is a graceless scooting across the floor with your butt in the air and your head to the ground. Your dad and I love it. We love how much you’re exploring and examining things around you. The workers like to call you the little supervisor because of how much your head swivels around to take in things around campus.

Lou is 5 months_0001 Lou is 5 months_0003 Lou is 5 months_0004

You just woke up from your morning nap so things are pretty good right now in the Harris home. The two of us are a bit under the weather, but a runny nose and little cough has not slowed you down one bit. And so, you are also currently lurching your way around the kitchen in your walker, babbling away to the stuffed fish you’ve got clutched in one hand in between your newfound skill of spit bubble blowing. You are fun. And it’s been so much fun getting to witness the emergence of your personality.

You’re definitely a ham. A social bee who cannot wait to be held and talked to and played with. Anybody – from the office ladies and teachers to the restaurant and coffee shop owners we just met to any student on campus we pass during a break – is lured in by one of your big smiles that scrunches up your nose and turns your eyes in half moons. And you are free with those smiles to the delight of many, my dear boy!

Lou is 5 months_0005 Lou is 5 months_0007

Goodness…you keep my days busy, my back sore, my face smiling, my arms tired and my heart laughing. We head out in less than two weeks to introduce you to many people back in Washington. We pray that your fun, welcoming spirit won’t get dulled by jet lag because we are so looking forward to sharing you with family and friends. They are very much ready to see you in person, to hold you and to just love on you.

Lou is 5 months_0010

You are our Taawanh…our bright, strong sun. And like Thai folks like to say after learning your middle name, “How fitting!” You are quite the bearer of light and happiness into many lives, Louis, by simply being who you are — a squirming, smiling baby who reminds people that there’s hope in life. And God knows that there can’t be enough reminders in this world that there is good around us.

I love you,


2 thoughts on “Letter to Louis | Five Months

  1. What a beautiful, happy, smiley Louis you have. Only a couple more weeks until we see him (and the two of you) in person. Waiting with excitement. Great Grandma

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