Letter to Louis | Seven Months

Oh my goodness, Louis!

You are 27.4 inches long and 20.3 lbs with head and chest circumferences off the charts. You have mastered your particular style of crawling, can move yourself into sitting & kneeling positions and are working on your baby biceps with all that pulling up to stand action you’ve been doing instead of taking naps. You have a body built for exploration and destruction; you’ve become an unstoppable force of mischief making…at only 7 months old (plus 11 days) old. Stitches are in your future, for sure.

Louis is 7 months_0003 Louis is 7 months_0004 Louis is 7 months_0005 Louis is 7 months_0007

In these last several weeks, your motor skills and the awareness of your abilities have synched up. And it has been hilarious and cringe-worthy to witness. Do I let you keep pulling that chair against your own face? Surely, you’ll learn that the wall isn’t going to move for you, right? I tell your dad it must be your age, you must not understand pain or cause & effect quite yet. He tells me it’s because you’re a boy and don’t care.

Louis is 7 months_0008 Louis is 7 months_0009 Louis is 7 months_0010 Louis is 7 months_0011

It’s a funny thing, though, because when we are out and about you are often lounging. Lounging on the ground, lounging on a table top, lounging in someone’s arms. It’s often remarked, “I can’t believe how chill he is. It must be so easy to take care of him.” I often laugh or make a face in response because the truth is that you really are not that difficult to take care of in any way, but I wouldn’t go far as to say things are easy. You are curious. You are busy. You are clever. You are demanding. Louis, you keep my brain whirring throughout the day, trying to figure out new ways to engage and entertain you.

Louis is 7 months_0011 Louis is 7 months_0012 Louis is 7 months_0013 Louis is 7 months_0014 Louis is 7 months_0015

And when that hour hand finally ticks to that beautiful twelve while the minute hand rests at five on the kitchen clock, we both turn our heads to the sound of your dad’s footsteps coming up the stairwell. You, because you miss him and are ready to play with him. Me, because I miss him and am ready for you to play with him. Ha! Your recent antics have also introduced us to knew Thai words that are used quite often now to describe your charming, impish ways. Oh, Louis, we are so glad you are our son!

Louis is 7 months_0016 Louis is 7 months_0017





Coming to America: Louis + Miller/Umlauf Family

Yay for family! Louis got to hang out with his daddy-o’s family at a get together, during which so much exciting and fun news was shared 🙂 Loved seeing him with cousins and uncles and aunts. During this visit, we also learned that Louis is not afraid of dogs but that maybe dogs should be afraid of him. Grabby baby hands can be dangerous things to the shaggy tailed and floppy eared…sorry, Parker.

Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0125 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0126 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0128  Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0130  Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0132   Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0134


(We somehow missed getting a picture of Lou with Haley — boo!) We also go to meet up with Lindsey and Able the following day since they were unable to make it to the family get together.


Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0164 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0166 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0167

Coming to America: Louis + Ai Thomas

Oh, Thomas James. It took a couple days for TJ to be completely on board with Louis being the star of the show. He was a wee bit jealous and confused that he could not have the full attention of Uncle Dan and Sao at first. But once we made sure to give him one-on-one time, TJ was ready to play with his baby cousin Woo-is 😉

IMG_2038 IMG_2072 IMG_2073 IMG_2074

Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0174 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0179 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0180

IMG_2348 IMG_2347

Thomas even let Louis play with his plastic sword. This was a big deal, people.

Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0222

Coming to America: Louis + Euy Leslie

One of the best instant love affairs to witness was Louis and (little) Leslie. She has been a devoted, doting cousin for months now over Skype dates and Viber exchanges; it was so overwhelmingly cute and heart warming to see them just click into their cousin roles. Here’s just a sampling of their cuteness. Just look at them!

Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0001 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0002 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0003 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0004

Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0181 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0182

Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0006 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0005 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0028 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0029



Coming to America: Louis + Great Grandma Sara

Louis got to experience the great state of Washington about a month ago when we went back home for a quick 2 week visit to introduce the little mister to family and friends on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. (International traveling and jet lag experiences will follow in another post.) One of the first people that Louis met was (great) Grandma Sara:

Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0016 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0017 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0018 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0019 Harris Go Home_Coming to America Oct2014_0020

Letter to Louis | Six Months

My Louis Taawanh. You are my sunshine. And my tornado…a drooly, babbling tornado.
Louis 6 months_0006
Boy…sweet sweet boy, you have learned how to move this last month and a half. You are officially celebrating all of your 6 months and 16 days of life at 19.4 lbs , and you are officially army crawling into every nook and crevice your big brown eyes target in on. If you are not looking like a frantic seal making your way from your room to the kitchen to the bathroom, then you are cruising in your walker and ramming into cabinets, tables and chairs. You also find it worthy of your cute laugh whenever you roll over our toes or slam into our shins. My oh my, you are quite the bulldozer in that thing.
Louis 6 months_0001 Louis 6 months_0003 Louis 6 months_0004 Louis 6 months_0005
You have flown across the Pacific Ocean twice now — yay for your first time in America and getting to meet family! (More on that later.) And though for the most part you kept it together, it was made very clear when you were absolutely done with all things planes and seat belts and not moving. You’ve also gotten quite skilled at making your opinion known about when you’re hungry. And when you’re sleepy. And when you’re bored. And when you’re frustrated. And when you’re happy. And even when you want to be left alone. (I think it’s hilarious how you pull the blanket over your head for privacy.)

Much like that elusive tooth that has been slowly but surely making its way to the surface, your personality is just brimming and ready to burst onto the scene. Today there were 4 different people who saw you at different times of the day, and they all commented on how your eyes give away that “you know” things now…and that there’s a certain look of naughtiness in them. I can’t help but agree that you seem to be quite the mischievous little 6 month old. Your dad and I love it. We can’t wait. We are also tired, exasperated, expectant and thrilled during this stage.
Louis 6 months_0008
Tonight during dinner, after you had crashed in your bed for the night, your dad prayed a sweet prayer over our family and one of thanks for what God is showing us through you. You see, we delight in you, Louis. And in that delight that we experience, we are realizing how small of a reflection that must be of what Abba feels for us. The love, protection and hope we have for you are reminders of what’s longed for in our lives. Crazy, huh? We can talk more about it all when you’re ready and wanting to hear what we’ve got to say about tenderness and grace.
Louis 6 months_0007
It’s almost midnight. I can’t seem to stop staring at this picture of you. Your dad just walked out of your bedroom to report that you’ve rotated 180 degrees from how he left you when he put you to bed. You’re busy even in slumber, kid. Which is why I really should wrap this up, because tomorrow morning will come sooner than later. And we will need all the pep we can muster to keep up with you!

Love you,