Letter to Louis | Seven Months

Oh my goodness, Louis!

You are 27.4 inches long and 20.3 lbs with head and chest circumferences off the charts. You have mastered your particular style of crawling, can move yourself into sitting & kneeling positions and are working on your baby biceps with all that pulling up to stand action you’ve been doing instead of taking naps. You have a body built for exploration and destruction; you’ve become an unstoppable force of mischief making…at only 7 months old (plus 11 days) old. Stitches are in your future, for sure.

Louis is 7 months_0003 Louis is 7 months_0004 Louis is 7 months_0005 Louis is 7 months_0007

In these last several weeks, your motor skills and the awareness of your abilities have synched up. And it has been hilarious and cringe-worthy to witness. Do I let you keep pulling that chair against your own face? Surely, you’ll learn that the wall isn’t going to move for you, right? I tell your dad it must be your age, you must not understand pain or cause & effect quite yet. He tells me it’s because you’re a boy and don’t care.

Louis is 7 months_0008 Louis is 7 months_0009 Louis is 7 months_0010 Louis is 7 months_0011

It’s a funny thing, though, because when we are out and about you are often lounging. Lounging on the ground, lounging on a table top, lounging in someone’s arms. It’s often remarked, “I can’t believe how chill he is. It must be so easy to take care of him.” I often laugh or make a face in response because the truth is that you really are not that difficult to take care of in any way, but I wouldn’t go far as to say things are easy. You are curious. You are busy. You are clever. You are demanding. Louis, you keep my brain whirring throughout the day, trying to figure out new ways to engage and entertain you.

Louis is 7 months_0011 Louis is 7 months_0012 Louis is 7 months_0013 Louis is 7 months_0014 Louis is 7 months_0015

And when that hour hand finally ticks to that beautiful twelve while the minute hand rests at five on the kitchen clock, we both turn our heads to the sound of your dad’s footsteps coming up the stairwell. You, because you miss him and are ready to play with him. Me, because I miss him and am ready for you to play with him. Ha! Your recent antics have also introduced us to knew Thai words that are used quite often now to describe your charming, impish ways. Oh, Louis, we are so glad you are our son!

Louis is 7 months_0016 Louis is 7 months_0017





One thought on “Letter to Louis | Seven Months

  1. Louis continues to become more handsome with each passing month. Thanks for this blog. I don’t think Dan is going to get much school work done with his little helper there. Maybe Louis can be taught to grade papers !

    Of course we missed you all at Thanksgiving but had a great time at Debbie’s. Melissa and Randey came over along with Jeff, Mark, Kyle, Nicole, Kyle’s gal friend, Morgan, and me. Chaotic but fun. We got there on Wednesday and headed home Saturday with a covering of snow in Richland and promise of more on the Pass. Made it just fine. Love to be gone but oh, so good to be home again.

    Love to all the Harris from Great Grandma

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