Letter to Louis | Nine Months

Louis, you love bread.

You really really really really really love bread. It’s the funniest, greatest, newest thing in our lives. I’ve started baking bread at home just so you can have the heels of the loaves to gnaw on. At first, it was for teething purposes and now it’s a full on love affair. Your belly loves the stuff…as evidenced by the fact that you’re nearly 22 lbs at 29 inches long. You are a sturdy, strong 9 month old.


You are a master at pulling yourself up into a standing position. You are also slowly but surely venturing into the realm of object-supported walking. You gain confidence each day to lurch away from one piece of furniture to the next. You are also getting more coordinated and comfortable with getting up into a kneeling position or dropping down into crawl mode. You are working that core, boy!

_DSC0983 _DSC0984 _DSC0985 _DSC0986

You are also turning into quite the mimic. Growls, facial expressions, gestures, sounds — you are like a little mirror. It’s the best. This is the age your dad and I have waited for and were most excited about. Have we loved you since we knew you were going to make us into a family of three? Yes, of course! But now…well, we like you alongside that love 😉 You are a mover now, wanting to be on your own to explore. And can self-entertain for minutes (not quite hours) with toys, books and storage containers. And you are quite the inquisitive, independent mischief maker. Oh, yes, we like you.

_DSC0989 _DSC0992

It also seems that we’ve gotten a break from the wonders of teething (by the way, the process of getting chompers seems to be your least favorite part of growing up, though having those chompers has made you a happier eating camper) so there is much more laughing and silliness in our days. Case in point, you were an absolute ham when we went out to dinner tonight with your surrogate aunt, grandma and grandpa. You were waving your arms around, squinting your eyes, flashing your teeth, jabbering at the waitstaff and dancing in your chair. You come alive when there’s a cheering audience.


I love when you’re silly. I also love when you’re still. Or busy studying the piece of rolled up tape on the carpet. Or when you’re cuddly and rest your head on your dad’s chest after an impromptu wrestling match. I love you growing into who you are, Louis. It’s a true wonder getting to be a witness of your life. (I’d write more, but then I would get teary eyed.)




One thought on “Letter to Louis | Nine Months

  1. So sweet. I love your letters to Louis. Wow, how the months have passed. . . 9 months old. What a cutie he is. AND he has two loving parents to help him along the way in his development. God bless the three of you ! Grandma Sara

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