Letter to Louis | Ten Months

Louis, you are ten months old!

Lou is 10mos_0002

You are ten months of liveliness, of loudness and of lovableness. Snuggles are harder to come by because there are things to grab and pull and smack, Mom and so I’ve found myself moving a bit quicker when you start stirring post naps because you nuzzle against me in your sleepy state. And I get to feel your small but heavy body rest against mine while we read books on the rocking chair. I love those times.

You are growing. You have opinions and preferences. You also have quite the curiosity that has you banging blocks on different surfaces and also tentatively poking little fingers into the fan…you know, just to see. You are making your way to that one year mark with an appetite for life, noise and apple + cheese cubes.

Lou is 10mos_0011 Lou is 10mos_0012 Lou is 10mos_0013 Lou is 10mos_0014

You also have a BEST friend EVER in the WHOLE wide world. This is how I imagine you would describe him if you could speak. There would be a good bit of shouting, lots of hand clapping and emphatic eyebrow raising. I am, of course, alluding to your dad.

IMG_6203      IMG_6744

Oh, you two. My heart floods with all sorts of feelings, Louis, when I see you two together and think of your relationship. It’s a wonder, I tell ya. Your dad is usually the first person to see your big, impish morning grin; your first hour is your happiest time of day, and your dad knows how to squeeze every last bit of that time with you. He gets to pick you up from your bed for those first kisses and snuggles before he heads out to work. And what a sad time it is in the Harris home when he closes that door behind him to go teach.

Your best friend has left! Without you! This is usually when you also crawl to the front door and stand up to pound your baby bear fists against it, calling out “Dad-deeeee, Dad-deeee, Dad!” (Oh, yes, a very enunciated dad was your first word.) You miss him already, and it takes a good bit of distraction and play to get you to rally back to your explorer mode.

IMG_7335       IMG_7449

But one of the best things about where we live and the work your dad does is that he can come home during his free periods or we can go see him for lunch. And then soon enough, he’s home again by 5pm for the second happiest part of your day, the couple hours that lead to bed time. There’s quite the playful reunion of wrestling and glasses snatching and beard tugging and raspberry blowing on your baby belly.

This relationship you have now with him makes both of us (your parents, that is) very prayerful and hopeful that it will continue to grow and develop so that you always feel safe and loved, that it would be natural for you to turn to him for advice and guidance in life.

Lou is 10mos_0025 Lou is 10mos_0026 Lou is 10mos_0027 Lou is 10mos_0028 Lou is 10mos_0030

We love you, baby bear.


2 thoughts on “Letter to Louis | Ten Months

  1. Each picture of Louis is cuter than the last. You two are the greatest parents. Louis is so lucky to have you. Along with the rest of the family I am anxiously awaiting your arrival in the U. S. of A. and the chance to give hugs and love to the three of you.

    G. grandma Sara

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