Siam Ocean World

We went to Siam Ocean World in November one weekend; it may have been because we were having a staycation in Bangkok. (I can’t remember. It was like four months ago.) It had been on our list of “oh that would be neat to check out” since we first moved here, and timing + location finally seemed to have worked out for this to happen. Plus, Louis was of an age where he wouldn’t be asleep or just staring at his fingers the whole time.

Siam Ocean World_0002 Siam Ocean World_0003 Siam Ocean World_0004 Siam Ocean World_0005 Siam Ocean World_0007 Siam Ocean World_0011 Siam Ocean World_0012 Siam Ocean World_0013 Siam Ocean World_0019 Siam Ocean World_0020 Siam Ocean World_0015 Siam Ocean World_0016 Siam Ocean World_0017 Siam Ocean World_0018 Siam Ocean World_0022 Siam Ocean World_0023 Siam Ocean World_0024 Siam Ocean World_0026 Siam Ocean World_0027

2 out of 3 of us liked the sharks. The one “no, thank you” vote echoed rather loudly in the tunnel, so there was quite the dash through to get back into bright lights. Dan’s theory: dim lights mean bedtime and the kid wanted us to know that he was NOT going to sleep.


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