Letter to Louis | Eleven Months

It’s been eleven months since we got to snuggle your new-to-the-world cheeks and look at your face with delight and wonder. Eleven months, Louis! Oh goodness.

Lou is 11 months_0003

You are eleven months worth of passionate. You are a passionate young boy. You are passionate about food. You are passionate about wrestling stuffed animals. You are passionate about banging all the blocks against all the walls. You are passionate about not having your hands held. You are passionate about splashing water during bath time. You are passionate about feeding yourself. You are passionate about getting outside of our home to see people. You are passionate about exploring the tiniest of nooks and the dirtiest of crannies. You are passionate about snatching our glasses off our faces. You are passionate about book reading. You are passionate about cuddles. You are passionate about life in the scope of an eleven month old’s point of view.

Lou is 11 months_0006 Lou is 11 months_0005 Lou is 11 months_0004

Now, passionate can be interpreted as being many things: stubborn, high maintenance, strong willed, defiant, high energy, dramatic. These are terms that may or may not be used, at times, to describe you. They are certainly astute descriptions, but as your father likes to wear rose-tinted glasses and I carry an idealistic heart, we think that your passionate ways also point to bigger facets of your burgeoning personality: determined, tough, tenacious, resourceful, independent, brave.

Lou is 11 months_0015 Lou is 11 months_0014 Lou is 11 months_0013

We don’t think there is anything “wrong” with any of these traits. Because they may very well become parts of your personality that develop in you a character that loves big, dreams big and cares big. As you grow, learn and experience more of this world around you — as you use words, understand relationships and explore concepts in a practical way — the very passionate nature you have now (that has me falling asleep on the bean bag 30 minutes after your dad gets home and has your dad facing off with you over signing “all done” for 15 minutes after dinner) will carry you and fuel you through so much.

Lou is 11 months_0031

And then? Man…I don’t know. But I hope we can keep up with you.



P.S. Your dad has been waiting for quite some time to put you in overalls without a shirt. And he was pretty excited to take your pictures this month of you in your ‘Dennis the Menace’ outfit πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Letter to Louis | Eleven Months

  1. Louis is a real doll – or should I say he is such a handsome little boy, I love the way he smiles with his mouth open.

    Won’t be long until I can see him in person. I hope he will relate O.K. to all us β€œwhite” people.

    Love Grandma

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