Christmas in Chiang Rai | Canary Natural Resort

Christmas 2014 (I know…posting about Christmas in April) had us staying in Thailand for the two-week school break. We knew we wanted to get out of the city and experience a slower pace of life for just a bit. After scrolling through Agoda and Trip Advisor, we stumbled upon the Canary Natural Resort in Chiang Rai. It looked so enticingly green, quiet and restful that I’m pretty sure our stay, flight and car rental were all booked within 48 hours.

And, oh man, it was wonderful. We are, after all, country mice at heart — so getting away into the actual countryside felt like a cool breath of fresh air, which is also something we got a lot of while up there. Who knew that the PNW natives would get cold up in northern Thailand? Certainly not us. There was a lot of sleeping in hoodies and socks, which is something we had not been doing for quite some time!

But. Oh, my. We loved it. It was what our tired minds and spirits were needing — respite from busyness and time carved out just for our family in an environment that invited outdoor exploration. We enjoyed our stay so much at the Canary Natural Resort that we’ve booked the Garden Villa again for the Songkran holiday. Anyway, here are pictures!

Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0003 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0018 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0019

(I’ll have to better photograph the accommodations when we’re there next week: private gate, wraparound porch, outdoor tub, windows everywhere.)

Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0011 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0015

Breakfast was included — homemade bread and apricot jam AND freshly roasted coffee from beans grown on a neighboring mountain. What?!? Fantastic. Meals and drinks were served in the main house building that had a view of the grounds.

Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0025 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0026 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0027 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0029 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0031 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0032 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0033 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0034 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0035 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0037 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0038 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0042 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0046 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0050 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0092 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0093 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0094 Chiang Rai Christmas 2014_0125


There’s also a resident white parrot. But we didn’t take a picture of it for some reason. And there are ATVs to rent. And more areas to roam. Did I mention that Dan drove us around while we were up there? Yeah, that made it another level of adventure for the Harris family.




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