Year Three in Thailand

So we’ve been back for our third year at Global English School for nearly two months now after having a wonderful two months of visiting family + friends in Washington state. And it’s taken me this long to update on life (anything and everything that we’ve experienced prior to this will just have to be back logged at a later time — they are definitely worth chronicling and curating for ourselves!) because we have been without internet since we are technically homeless. 

But in a bid to our commitment of being more intentional in our relationships and communication this year, I finally just downloaded an app to make posts easier to write up (though I do miss typing things out on my laptop). Okay onto what’s happening these days:
(1) a week before coming back we got a message that we would be moving into a townhouse off campus (something we had wanted and were looking forward to) — but like three months ahead of schedule. And could we have all our things packed and ready to go within 5 days of arrival? Except when we moved the first time, things were still in construction site status…so we lived out of suitcases for a week in two different friends’ houses. And the second time we moved in, we were there long enough to discover that the contractors didn’t do so good of a job with the plumbing (aka really bad leaking situation). So we are now squatting at another townhouse and crossing all magical toes + fingers that we get to move back in FOR GOOD after this weekend.

(2) transitioning time zones to BKK hours was far easier than going into PST…we think it’s because the sun is always out! Louis had a trickier time warming up to all the folks here who have been waiting to love on him all summer long while we were away. But he is definitely back in the rhythm of being polite with our hellos and goodbyes (vs refusing to acknowledge anybody): he’s even gone a bit overboard with spontaneous hugs and dramatic double handed blowing of kisses to strangers. He is a character. Dan and I are into the swing of things and trying to better map out our schedules. Planners! Calendars! Growing up is hard. And overrrated. But we are in the land of smiles and street food, so things aren’t too bad πŸ™‚
(3) Dan has been excited and staying on top of his lesson planning + grading this year, which has made for more quality family time once he’s home from work. It’s awesome to see him less stressed about classes and teaching responsibilities — this may have to also do with the fact that he’s no longer a first year teacher with no formal training or a father of a newborn taking online classes this time around πŸ™‚ He’s such an invested teacher. We are loving that he loves his job so much.

(4) parenting while pregnant is…well, hard. But rewarding. I’m learning to have to sloooooow down more and to ask for help more often; practices of patience and humility on a whole ‘nutha level. If marriage is sanctifying, then parenting is refining. Yes, definitely refining. Our little girl is a mover and is already responding to her big brother. They will be a funny pair, I’m sure of it.

(4) we are currently at a staff retreat in Suphan Buri about an hour and a half northwest of Nonthaburi. I’ve no idea of the camp name but it’s been nice to be away from the hot city sidewalks and connect with farang + Thai staff. And since an update isn’t quite as nice without pictures, here are some snaps of our time here so far:



2 thoughts on “Year Three in Thailand

  1. Thanks so much for the update. You do live an interesting life ! I hope all will go better with the new β€œdigs” and that all the bugs will be ironed out to make your space more comfortable. Louis is a dear little boy and brings much joy to those around him. I know I loved seeing him as he interacted with both of you. Life will become even more challenging when your little girl arrives.

    Thanks for the pictures. Looks like a beautiful spot and a place to kick back and relax a bit.

    Love to you all,

    G-Grandma Sara

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