Estelle Daokeo Harris

This post is coming out on Estelle’s two week birthday.  On Monday, November 23, Estelle was born.

We are most pleased to officially announce the birth of our beautiful daughter, Estelle.  She came into this world at 3.525 kg and 52 cm.  She is a hair bigger than Lou was at birth, but is surprisingly tiny.  I completely forgot just how small she would be.

There was a strange buildup to her birthday.  There was much anticipation, but it just felt different because we knew exactly when to expect her.  Coming in to the hospital for a planned cesarean is much different than racing in through contractions and the sudden emotional rush of an emergency cesarean.  We got to check in the night before, get a good night of rest, and ready ourselves for Estelle.  The nurses in the Labor and Delivery unit recognized us from Louis’ entrance.  Its nice to have familiar faces.  Just like all of the time we spent waiting for Estelle to come out, this is all just preliminary to the good part.

In the OR, while Dr. K and Mister Dr. K were expertly delivering our baby, I got to be with Leslie to wait for the sound of her first cry and see her face for the first time.  After a few gurgles and some slurping sounds we heard her voice, and it was obvious from the start that this one has a strong set of lungs.  She will be heard when she wants something!  I got to be the first to see her face again.  I had serious flashbacks.  She looked just like Louis did.  After they cleaned her up a bit, a nurse brought her over and laid her on Leslie.  What a moment.  She was finally out and with us.  We waited so long, and she finally was here.

We love this little one.  We did before she ever came out, but it is a lot easier when you get to see, touch, and smell.  When I say we, I include Louis.  Look at the pictures, that is his first encounter with her.  He was not so sure at first, but is definitely coming around.  He is 3 times her size now, so he better be nice.  He is way stronger than he knows.  But really, it is amazing to have them both.  Leslie and I are blessed to have these two beautiful, happy, healthy children.  I can’t wait to see what they become.

Welcome, Estelle

We love you



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6 thoughts on “Estelle Daokeo Harris

  1. Beautiful baby Estelle ! She is welcomed into a home and family where she will be greatly loved and cared for.

    I love the expression on Louis’ face in the picture with Leslie and Estelle. It kind of says, “I’m not so sure about this.”

    Much love to all of you,


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