International Love | Bpa Olay, Tao & Euy Leslie

Hey-o! We had family visiting in the fabulous month of February: my mom, my sister and my niece said “see you later” to the respective men in their lives and hopped on a plane to cross the great Pacific Ocean (side note: how brave is my 9 year old niece to fly for the first time on an international flight???) to spend 16 wonderful days in Thai suburbs with us. I would like to think they desperately missed me and Dan but we all know it was for the kids, as evidenced by the fact that upon their arrival they handed over their luggage and waltzed right in looking for Estelle and Louis. It was nothing less than expected πŸ™‚

Despite the heat (“No, no too hot!”) for my mom and the smell (“Everything smells like poop.”) for my niece, we did get in a few random trips outside for walks (“There are flies. Do you know what flies do when they land???”) and drives (“It’s not that I don’t trust you driving, it’s just I don’t understand why that man seems like he’s trying to get into our car on his motorcycle.” and “Leslie Leslie Leslie oye!”) to different shopping centers. It was the exactly the kind of easy, crazy, boring, exciting and hilarious time I had been missing with these fine people of mine.




One thought on “International Love | Bpa Olay, Tao & Euy Leslie

  1. Sounds like you and your family had a wonderful, fun-filled time together. So glad the three β€œgals” were able to spend the 16 days with you. There is nothing like being with family. The pictures are great. Thanks. Love to you, Grandma

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