Happy Birthday (month), Dan!

To say that Dan likes to be the center of attention would be a bold faced lie. I think if there were to be a movie made about him, he would still push for his role to be secondary. The guy just isn’t into much fanfare when it comes to him. But I know he can get feeling forgotten in some regards over here. It’s hard standing out (as something to stare at or held up to observe) but not connecting completely…language and culture differences can do that.

But one of the best parts of being here is that we have befriended amazing folks, and they love celebrating and connecting and doing life together. And who better to make feel extra special and loved in the great month of March then the bearded man in our midst who shares a birthday with Chuck Norris?!? 
In the Harris home we celebrate a birthday for a month because how can you possibly fit all that quality time and all the potential new experiences in a day? In a week? Is it a bit overboard…yes, yes it is. But it’s also fun. And with a month you get to do all sorts of things that would usually be put on the back burner. It also just puts you in the mindset to just go with it for the next four weeks. And so things were planned, things were schemed and things were enjoyed!

He saw movies with friends who could stay quiet during a movie and truly enjoy the viewing experience. We would do surprise visits to his work and pick him up at the end of the day for random family outings. He went out with friends (The Revenant). We went out on dates. We stayed home and lounged. He pet llamas with Louis. He snuggled with Estelle. He drank IPAs with me (Paulaner Garden Restaurant and O’Glee). With the help of his coworkers and students, I threw a surprise party during his homeroom period (baked treats from On A Sweet Note). And the sweet nature-loving man chose a pool villa for me to whisk him away for on the last weekend of the month for us to be together as just a family in the quiet and peace of Khao Yai National Park (Kirimaya Muthi Maya).

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2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday (month), Dan!

  1. Thank you so much for the words and pictures. What a terrific idea to celebrate all month long. I think of all of you very often but don’t do much about it. . . only an e-card on Dan’s birthday and other celebratory days. I’m not sure what the postage is to send snail mail or how long it takes to get there. Yet, I see in one of the pictures a box of gifts. Someone from Washington must have sent a package. — I’m so glad you have friends with whom to celebrate. Please know that your family here has not forgotten you and long to see you whenever you can come home for a visit. I say “home” because that is what “here” is for me. Your home is Thailand. It crosses my mind that you may never want to return to the U. S. You seem to have much family and special friends there. I miss you and the opportunity to know Louis and Estelle. With the possible exception of Olay and Deng, we are all strangers to your children. However, I know you are following God’s leading in all your decisions.

    I LOVE YOU DANIEL and LESLIE, LOUIS, and ESTELLE. Your lives seem quite complete. God bless you each and everyone.

    Many big hugs to all,


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