Letter to Estelle | Six Months

Estelle. Oh, my sweetly mischievous Estelle.

Estelle 06 months_0002 Estelle 06 months_0003

Baby girl, you are a wildcat in that play walker! Your newfound mobility has you scooting, rolling, crawling and strolling all over the place. You chase your brother all over now. He’s taken to finally resigning himself on the couch when you’ve rolled over his toes one too many times or tugged too hard on his hair for the fiftieth time in a row. Maybe your daddy and I shouldn’t chuckle so much at these antics but they seem to give us a glimpse into just how strong of a little lady you are becoming.

Estelle 06 months_0012 Estelle 06 months_0013

And with each little kick and flail comes the biggest of smiles and funniest of sounds. You are grunting and babbling and screeching and laughing and blowing raspberries from the moment you wake up with your crazy bed hair to the moment you finally quiet your own chatter with a plop of your thumb into your mouth at night. You amaze me.

The way you are growing and developing, the way your personality keeps revealing itself. Oh my goodness. I am so thrilled to have front row tickets to watch you bloom into who you are. As I write this, my mind is racing with these snapshots of our time together — little vignettes of long days that are still somehow so fleeting — and I can’t help thinking How are you already six months old??? How are you only six months old???

Estelle 06 months_0005 Estelle 06 months_0004

Being mama to you and your brother is often a blur of routines with bursts of both laughter and exasperation to keep things interesting. And it can all be dizzyingly fast at times. I took these pictures of you on the 23rd of May and in the two weeks it took for it to move from the camera to this post, you have already changed so much! Instead of just walking around in the walker in spurts of jerking momentum, you are very intentionally gliding into the kitchen to get your hands on the crinkly trash bag or to stick your curious fingers into the fan. Instead of just flopping around like a seal to get to Point A to Point B, you have mastered the silliest looking but effective move of pushing off from your feet so it looks like you’re power thrusting forward with an invisible jet pack.

You are also slurping down pureed squash, chomping away at steamed broccoli, gnawing on hunks of bread and — surprise! — you showed us tonight that you know how to use a straw when you stole your brother’s water bottle and slurped away with the happiest of smiles. Six months, baby girl. It’s been six amazing months. Keep the surprises coming, Estelle, and we’ll do our best to keep up.

Estelle 06 months_0008



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