International Love | Grandpa John

Today is our first day back to a family of four. Grandpa John was here for about two weeks and got to love on Estelle, try to befriend the ever elusive Louis and eat the tastiest of foods everyday. And I’m sure life is a lot quieter for him. (Oh my goodness…we’ve got loud kids.)

The first week with Grandpa had us relaxing at home and walking around local shopping centers — showing him how much as already changed since he was last visiting two years ago! — and sweating in the heat while Lou Boy ran amuck outside. 

The second part of the visit had us flying up to Chiang Rai to stay at our much beloved Canary Natural Resort (we haven’t been there for a year but they remembered us! Well…they remembered ตะวัน and his love for their mini waffles) for four days and three nights at the Pool Villa. Oh man, gorgeous. We explored the area up there and checked out Wat Rong Khun (the White Temple) and took the off-season tour of Boon Rawd Farm (Singha Park) and spent a lot of time in the pool. Some photos cannot be shared because a certain young man preferred taking off his swim trunks when his parents weren’t watching.
It was such a good time — thanks for making the trip to see us, Grandpa John! 

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2 thoughts on “International Love | Grandpa John

  1. You had said John was thinking of visiting you but I didn’t know he had already been there. Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Two weeks seems like a long time for a visit but looks like you found plenty of things to keep busy. The pictures really are worth a thousand words.

    Does this mean you are not coming to Washington this summer? We all miss you so very much. I know you and your little ones would enjoy seeing Melissa, Randey and the twins. Mads and Opal are both walking and getting cuter all the time.

    Love to all the Harris family.


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