Letter to Estelle | Eight Months

Eight months…three quarters of the way to a year. Holy smokes! What in the world, Estelle. What is happening. How are you this old already? Oh, you dear beloved baby girl…you are growing more and more into your own little person, and it has been a wonder to see your personality bloom. No, scratch that, explode. It’s a wonder to see your personality EXPLODE.

With the advent of your crawling, standing and near walking, a new level of vivacity has infused your sweetness. Sure, you are a watcher, carefully observing and determining what’s going on in a room…and whether you will unleash your inner crazy. Yes, that’s right: you are crazy. The kind of crazy that is normal in our home but stuns people who don’t run amok with our family. It’s the best kind of crazy, sweetheart, and you’re in the front running of being the mascot for it.

You appear calm, collected and even poised (how a baby can manage that, I’ve no idea) but when you release the kraken…it is a sight and sound to behold! You let out ear piercing squeals (your happy sound) and pump your little arms as if you could fly up to the ceiling, where I imagine you would then love to divebomb from to aerial attack your brother. Yes, your brother. Oh, your poor poor brother. 

We had thought we would need to stay on him to be mindful of being gentle and kind to you. Turns out you are the bully: you push his face, snatch away snacks, pull at his hair, take away his water bottles…you are feisty. And it’s incredible. We love it.

Estelle, I love you. I love how you bulldoze your way around the living room: smacking around the plastic hammer while dragging around a mini stuffed fox doll that you randomly clutch to your face for kisses. I love how you will quickly draw up short from trying to knock over  the floor fan when I warningly clear my throat and say your name…and you wave and smile as innocently as possible while one hand still blindly tries to push the buttons. 

I love how you are exploring and testing and interacting with the world around you. I hope you will always feel safe and supported by us in life to seek new things and express yourself in new ways. May you feel freedom in the love and grace of our home to grow into who you have been created to be.




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