Letter to Estelle | Ten Months

You are a mighty girl, Estelle. Your lean and long body contains so much power and focus and audacity and strength.

I pray I don’t inadvertently extinguish this boldness in you. I pray we can fan whatever fierceness has you believing in the impossible and has you bound + determined to reach your goals. 

Right now in your ten months of life? The impossible manifests itself as getting that ever elusive fill-in-the-blank your brother has in his possession. Seriously. He is taller, bigger and more coordinated. Plus he can just climb onto the barstool or sit on the back of the couch to stay out of your reach. The odds are ever stacked against you, but you are relentless in your pursuit.

(And it it sooooo fun for us to watch you figure out a new angle.)

Never stop, baby. You are a mighty girl. You are capable, so keep trying. You are clever, so come up with new ideas. You are strong, so stand firm. You are daring, so do not give up. And when you feel like you have exhausted all avenues or when you feel like you just need a morale boost in the midst of all the trying…look over at me and your daddy. 

We will be there. We will be cheering for you, admiring and worrying with every little move you make. There will be this weird tension at times, I’m sure, when we are pushing you to grow grow grow but also barely keeping ourselves in check from scooping you into our protective arms at the slightest hints of dangers, failures and disappointments.

Forgive us, our beloved Estelle. We are learning alongside you. We are learning how to be parents to not just a baby or a toddler or a kid…but also to a teenager, young lady and woman. It’s daunting just thinking about it. But we are confident in Whom we trust and to Whom we pray. 

And He is good. And we hope you will one day find your courage and worth in Him. And that from that starting point of amazing grace and unfailing love, you will show this world just how mighty you are.

Love, Mama


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