Our Story So Far

We are 30-something social introverts who are friends, companions and partners. This new life of ours has already shown itself to be what we expected: a lot of rewarding work that has us both scratching our heads and giving jubilant high fives in between kisses and scowls. We are learning how vulnerability and communication can combine the powers of a scientist and of an artist — a thinker and a feeler — to be doers of good and givers of grace. And we are learning to accept how that will be a never-ending process for all our days this side of heaven. Luckily, we are also learning how to embrace progress over perfection.

After 8 months of marriage, we hopped on a plane and moved from Washington State to urban Thailand. There is a lot to learn and plenty to do in this world. And there is definitely something bigger and greater that is pulling our hearts to go beyond what we know and where we are most comfortable; we believe these prompts and dreams to be stirrings of the heart that God has given us. Β So we figured we should get to such things sooner rather than later. After all, “the wide world is all about you; you can fence yourselves in, but you cannot forever fence it out.” (Tolkien)

We came as newlyweds, but are now a family of four. WHAT?!? Yes, we had babies. We figured a move across the globe, cross cultural confusion, language differences and a career change wasn’t enough new so thought kids would really kick it up a notch for us. This is our space to document our lives while living abroad and to keep our families and friends in the know of our life overseas.